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Best Funded Trader ProgramBest Funded Trader Program

Get Funded TodayWe all know the best way to learn to trade is by practicing it — in live
markets. But how do you do that without risking $10,000+ of your own
money? That’s where Funded Trader Programs comes in!Put your trading skills to the test in a realistic environment, all at a cost less than you’d pay in a week in live trading commissions.The best part: when you hone your trading strategy, Prop Trading Firms will give you their capital to trade. From there, you keep your first $25,000 in profits and 90% thereafter.Ideally, hiring a professional trader to a top prop trading company begins with a step-by-step assessment, primarily through an assessment test account. This assessment test account requires  Best Funded Trader Program novice traders to prove that they have the necessary skills.

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