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Free Downloading Of Games & MusicFree Downloading Of Games & Music

Are they really free? What are the risks?

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High quality and safe FREE game downloads

Statements like this ring a bell? I’m sure that if you’re looking for free downloading software then you have already done a search on Google or Yahoo! and wondering which site is the best?

If you walk away from reading this article with only one tip – don’t waste your time and get frustrated with having to l analyse each website to find the one that offers you the most downloads and latest movies and music for Free.

I have done the hard work for you.

If you look hard enough there will always be someone offering a product or service on the internet free – BUT – have you considered the risks associated with these sites?

Are they really Free?

Not all downloading sites are free. In fact most of them aren’t. At first glance, they may appear free, but when you take a further look the only aspect that really is “free” is the sign-up process. What you’ll find is that as soon as you log-in your member area each download costs you. So in fact the membership is free, but not the products.

What is the risk?

There are many dangers posed by viruses and spyware when you download a file from a “Free” membership based program.

A lot of the game downloaded files are infected with spyware and viruses and deliberately placed on websites by scammers and hackers in an attempt to install keyloggers or even us it for spamming purposes.


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